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Garcia Rama is an Asturian Company working in the construction sector, leader in the area of façade refurbishment, recovering residential building on a sustainable manner since more than 25 years. Its engineering team provides the most advanced technical solutions and alternatives to the existing ones in the current market, with technical and ventilated façades that notably improves energy efficiency of the building. Garcia Rama commercializes its own system for façade covering based on prefabricated panels with isolation components from many years. This solution has been developed by GarciaRama in collaboration with ArcelorMittal, and reduces dramatically its installation costs.

GarciaRama is a family business, composed by a team of professionals, which grows with each project, with a trajectory of more than 1,300 buildings refurbished. As an added value, the community of owners are benefied with a smart and free management that GarciaRama does of all available funds provided by the Public Administration, which are a fundamental support for refurbishment. The Enterprise is committed with innovation, performs research with large companies and participates as a partner in collaborative R&D European projects, creating highly innovative products and systems, seeking solutions that are environmentally friendly.

GarciaRama was the first Asturian Enterprise certified in Labour Safety, Quality and Environment, develops a continuous training of its workers and always has as objective the customer´s satisfaction and excellence in the execution of their work. GarciaRama is not just recovering and refurbishing, it has also put on the market residences and singular buildings that have its label, always constructing with the highest quality parameters. Several prizes supports its expertise, as the “Silver Plumb” for the best refurbished façade, best entrepreneurship trajectory and best Enterprise led by Women.