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Windar Renovables is a company based in the Principality of Asturias (Spain) that was born in 2007, with the objective and purpose of becoming a world leader in the field of wind turbine towers manufacturing. Since its foundation, Windar has expanded internationally and diversified to position itself today as one of the largest tower manufacturers worldwide and one of the major references in the manufacture of substructures for the offshore wind industry. Windar Renovables offers its customers a global supply chain, from the materials required for its activities, through the manufacture of products or equipment, storage, shipment and delivery of the same, under service standards that are based on a culture of compliance, quality, service, sustainability, respect for the environment and care for people".

As a result of Windar renovables' technological commitment, Windar Technology and Innovation was born in 2020, a business R&D center aimed at meeting the technological needs of a constantly changing sector. Windar Technology and Innovation proposes a transversal development to the particularity of its products, combining the knowledge of engineers specialized in branches such as structural calculation, manufacturing, welding, mechatronics, telecommunications or computer science with technicians with extensive practical experience in the different industrial processes.
Given the great flexibility and adaptability of the R&D center, it would be incorrect to set rigid lines of work, however, depending on the specialization of its members, the center can be divided into four teams that collaborate transversally: Product Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Engineering and ICT, with main research topics such as the development of new steels, digitalization, process improvement and automation, circular economy, software developments for process improvements (AR, VR...). Likewise, for Windar it is strategic to surround itself with universities, clusters, technology centers and business partners that participate in its innovation activities, providing the latest advances in technology, which will help to overcome the challenges that arise through an open innovation model.