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Hierros y Aplanaciones, S.A. (HIASA) focusses its activity in processing steel flat products and it belongs to Gestamp Corporation, which is composed by Gonvarri Steel Industries, Gestamp Automotive and Gestamp Renewables to reach an overall turnover in 2014 of 9,000M€ with a staff over 40,000 people located in its 77 plants, where 60% of them are located outside Spain. The processing volume of consolidated steel at Gonvarri Steel Industries plants comes to 3.99Mton of steel in 2014.

With a facility of over 100,000 square meters located in Cancienes (Asturias), and production volumes of over 300,000 tonnes per year, HIASA has the most advanced production means for a wide set of possibilities in the metallic processing sector. These means are: continuous etching line, roller mill, longitudinal cutting line, transversal cutting line, shears, presses, plasma cutting and punching, laser cutting, forming lines, plate perforation lines, welded tubes lines, hot immersion galvanizing process, continuous powder electrostatic painting process. In addition, the company has a set of auxiliary departments fully connected: Technical Office, Labs, Quality Control, warehousing and delivery.

With these productive means, HIASA develops its activity in three basic sectors:
  • Steel industry services for automotive (including car pipes) as for white line and further industrial sectors.
  • Products for road equipment (Metallic barriers with different settings to offer a variety of solutions, mixed steel-wood barriers with different working widths, railings in structures with different containment level, anti-noise screens, protective systems for motorcyclists, impact attenuators, etc)
  • Turnkey Project for photovoltaic solar energy in fixed structures carrying solar panels or one axis solar tracker for improving energy received.

HIASA is, on a permanent basis, participating and promoting important R&D projects, both in the scope of new technologies as in the development of new products and improvement of existing ones. This task has been especially intense in the field of road safety, where HIASA has been pioneer in the promotion of a more ambitious regulation. As a result from such success, the R&D activities have been extended to the whole areas of activity and then, from the different R&D projects developed by the company, a set of results have been obtained, meaning technological assets for HIASA. Given the importance of such assets, a number of property registers have been done, reaching a total number of 142 industrial property registers, including national patents, international in the geographic areas that are considered strategic, industrial models, etc.