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Industrial Olmar S.A. is a family company dedicated to manufacturing of autoclaves, steam generators, furnaces and all kind of pressure vessels. Created in 1945 by Mr. Olegario Garcia Hevia, Olmar´s history is based on a set of values as work, effort and improvement, which define the company and turns it into its current status.

Located in Gijon – North of Spain- , Olmar develops all of its activity in an environment with large industrial tradition, which allows taking all the advantages of such industrial environment and having the best communications for its national and international activities. This integrated and teamwork spirit is underpinned with the creation of Olmar Group, which groups 4 large companies (Olmar, Cosermo, Vallina and Olprim) together with the aim of improving its results and rising its competitiveness.

The search for innovation and excellence has always been a maxim for the company. The recent acquisition of a new industrial complex with over 70,000 m2 and its consolidation at international level, with an exporting percentages that exceeds 85% of its production, shows the large growth in the recent years. All of these elements make Olmar a leader Company in its sector, reference in the market and with high future expectations.