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Servicios Asturianos del Metal 2016, S.L., is a young Company, established in 2016, based in Gijón (Asturias), with the following main activities: boilermaking, tubing and industrial welding, focussed on industrial sectors such as steelmaking, energy, petrochemical, naval, offshore, food, construction, cement, gas, paper, incineration plant or waste treatment.

The company and its human capital count on wide experience, having links with key industrial companies such as: Idesa, Windar, ArcelorMittal, Repsol, Duro Felguera, Nervión, Moncobra, I-Lanza, Idonial, Vapormat, Cosermo, Maritima del Principado or Consignaciones Asturianas, among others. Serasme aims at providing support services to industry, both at national level or abroad, in the fields of manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or repair in any kind of boilermaking, welding or tubing projects.

The main services are the following:

  • Manufacturing and assembly of pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, pipelines, wind energy parts, naval blocks, structures and supports.
  • Maintenance and repair works, mainly focussed on boilermaking and welding in different industrial plants like refineries, electric generation, gas, food, steelmaking factories, either in planned stops or
All of these services can be done at customer´s or third parties´ facilities, adapting our works to customer needs.