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Talleres Alegria, founded in 1900, is a Company focussed exclusively on the manufacturing of rail materials and equipment. Its main activity is related to the design, manufacturing and technical assistance of rail fixed material, for conventional lines, metros, trams, or for high speed trains. Since its origins, it has also been dedicated to repair and maintenance of wagons, evolving in time until its design and manufacturing so as any other type of rail vehicles.

There are 6 specialized production centres nowadays, 5 of them are located in Asturias, whereas the remaining is in Castilla-La Mancha. An increasing internationalization process of the company has brought its business to enter different countries such as India, Algeria, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Its main products are the following:

  • Fixed rail material: Its production is being carried out at the facility in Silvota (Llanera), dedicated to the design, project, manufacturing, and technical assistance of diversions, changes, escapes, crossing, expansion devices, switches, stock rail, isolating joints, turnouts, molehills, components and spare parts.
  • Forge of special switches: activity developed only in Railforja Asturiana S.A., which is a Company directly linked to Talleres Alegria with production facilities at El Musel (Gijon).
  • Mobile self-propelled material: design, manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of multipurpose auxiliary vehicles as draisines, locomotives, rail machinery, etc. Activity developed at Ferrovias Astur S.A facilities, belonging to Talleres Alegria and located in Silvota.
  • Mobile towed material: design, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of freight wagons, conventional and tanks, made at the historical facilities of the company at Aboño (Gijon) so as its subsidiary company Invatra Alcazar S.L. (Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real).
Metallic bridges: Repairing and painting of rail metallic sections, structural reinforcements (screwed and welded), element substitutions, scaffolds, so as civil works interventions in stirrups, piles and supporting walls.