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The University of Oviedo is the only high level education institution in Asturias, with over 400 years of history and an educational offer of degrees and postgraduate studies in all knowledge areas, which includes bilingual degrees and masters, doubled degrees, and joint degrees with foreign universities. It was one of the first Spanish Universities to achieve the seal of International Excellence Campus in 2009, which has played as the engine for modernization of the academic institution with a strong incidence in its relation with the territory.

The University has made a clear bet for internationalization, both in education as for research. The teaching staff mobility programmes in top ranked universities at international level, and the participation in technology platforms and research & education networks have shown an impact in the improvement of indicators that measures the research results: amount of financed projects, publication in high impact journals or approved patents, among others.

The academic institutions is actively involved in the development of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS 3), with over 1,800 researchers and more than 100 research groups and teams, which execute a large number of R&D project achieved in competitive calls, both at regional, national or European level. The specialization in two scientific scopes by the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Cluster, and the Biomedicine and Health one has marked a turning point in driving research at University in collaboration with technology centres, institutions and companies in areas such as steelmaking, energy, transport, construction, manufacturing, logistics, biomedicine or biotechnology, among others.