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VEROT, S.A. is an Asturian SME that was created in 1990.

The company was established with the aim of manufacturing a type of luminous sign, not manufactured in Spain at the time, called optical sheet. It was in 1992 when it started working with laser cutting technology, acquiring a set of Quanta equipment, the main objectives of this investment were to: Enable the processing of the methacrylate plates required for manufacturing optical sheet signs, and speed up the manufacture and development of prototypes thanks to the versatility of laser cutting. Nowadays the company offers a wide range of services covering metal manufacturing processes, where SLM technologies are highlighted as advanced manufacturing means.

VEROT, S.A. has wide experience in working for very diverse sectors, from boilermaking, capital goods manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, while including sectors as specific as the military, automotive or nuclear sectors, among others. A highlighted role is played by the renewable energy sector, for which material is usually supplied for the thermal/solar, photovoltaic and wind power areas. Very diverse work is carried out at VEROT, S.A., ranging from simply cutting up material in 1 mm sheets up to medium boilermaking machining/welding work.