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Founded in 1993, IDESA has been consolidated as one of most important companies in the design and manufacturing of consumer goods at global level. The success of IDESA Group is based on the strong commitment on safety, quality and competitiveness of its products. This commitment is followed by all employees within the company, having as objective counting on the trust of the customers. The reputation and good name of IDESA is being supported by its activity in the 5 continents.

Due to its evolution, IDESA is one of the leading suppliers in manufacturing large equipment for the petrochemical industry, such as Coke Drums, Vacuum Columns, Fractionation Plants, Reactors, etc. Furthermore, it holds a strong position in the offshore market, executing ambitious projects of reference at global level, especially in terms of manufacturing of foundations for marine grounds. In order to complete its value proposal, IDESA Group is composed by Innovation and Industrial Plants. IDESA Innovation has the objective of managing and bringing to market all the R&D activity that has been usually developed in IDESA Group. Its offer is composed by IT Services and industrial tenders, so as solutions for machinery and industrial automatization adapted to each client. All of this is aligned with a strong innovative perspective.

Based on the large experience on supervision and execution works in assemblages and stops, combined with its expertise in engineering projects, IDESA Industrial Plants is created to provide an answer to the existing demand in terms of services for project management, FEED, construction, pilot plants development, so as services on technical consultancy, HSE, QA/QC, advanced analysis (FEA, CFD,…) and field supervision. Since May 2014, IDESA belongs to Grupo Daniel Alonso (GDA).